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Videos:   “F-4 PHANTOM – Marine Air Corps in Vietnam War”Marine F-4s in close air support of ground Marines using a FAC. Shows Da Nung.  “The Best of F-4 Phantom” Repeated low passes by Phantoms, shows landing hook down, breaking the sound barrier (fog), AB glow at dusk, Navy and AF F-4s  “Cockpit Audio SAM Shootdown of F-4” Good photos and videos with a chilling audio recording of Dodge 2 being shot down by an SA-2. Only one guy got out, the backseater, pilot didn’t make it.  “Gun Kills of Vietnam – EP 4 – Season 2 – Dogfights”  Awesome video animation and personal interviews with F-4 vs MiG dogfights in Vietnam. Starts with A-1 Skyraider first MiG kill of the war, then at about the 14 minute mark it focuses on the Vulcan Gatling Gun kills of Air Force F-4s. Great depictions!  “F-5 Freedom Fighter – Tiger II – HD” F-5 video simulation of F-5 Freedom Fighter with lots of statistics and Beatles music in the background. Shows F-5s in Aggressor cammo with red stars on the tail to look like MiGs!

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