The Book

Firehammer is based on a true story of two high school best friends who parted ways on graduation. Tim joined the Marines in the height of the Vietnam War. Randy went to college and later became a fighter pilot. When Tim is killed at nineteen by a Vietnamese sniper, Randy vows to even the score. Firehammer is the nick-name of Tim’s Zippo lighter that Randy carries during several combat engagements, including the last battle of the war when his flight of four Phantoms help rescue Marines trapped on bloody Koh Tang Island. Closure comes when Randy places the Zippo at panel 9E of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.

Firehammer is dedicated to Lance Corporal Timothy S. Davies, USMC, who gave his life for his country and his fellow Marines. He was the inspiration for this book and my next door neighbor growing up. He was my high school best friend, and we also dated best friends. We were young then and mischievous, but not bad. The day I learned of Tim’s death was a low point. I have visited his grave site in Mobile, Alabama, and his name on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial several times. He was a strong, good-looking young American who volunteered for the most dangerous job in the squad as radioman. He is forever one of my heroes. Semper Fidelis.


LCPL – E3 – Marine Corps – Regular
Length of service 2 years
Casualty was on Jul 20, 1966
Body was recovered
Panel 09E – Line 45


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