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Ric Hunter is a 27-year combat veteran of the Air Force; he retired as a colonel. He has 4000 flight hours in high-performance aircraft including the F-4 Phantom and F-15C Eagle. He commanded an Eagle squadron and was a 3-time Top Gun. After active duty service, Ric became a freelance writer/photographer for magazine feature articles in aviation, and hunting and fishing magazines. He was founder and president of the Panama City, Florida, Writers Association. After attacks on 9-11-01, he returned to serve his country once again as a civil servant for eight years. He took over world-wide program management of the Air Force’s 50-million dollar fighter aircraft flight simulator program, thus freeing young pilot staff officers to return to cockpit duties for the war on terror. Ric recently completed FIREHAMMER, an historical fiction novel, based on a true story, that puts the reader in the cockpit of an F-4 aircraft during evacuation of Saigon and then in the last battle of the Vietnam War, rescue of the SS Mayaguez and its crew. The novel is available on Amazon by Red Engine Press. His hobbies are hunting and fishing, and riding his Harley-Davidson through the Blue Ridge Mountains. He now resides with his wife, Jan, on top of a mountain in western North Carolina where he is a consultant to industry and freelance journalist, photographer and novelist.


All are magazine feature articles supported with Ric’s photography:

“A Letter From Vietnam” published in Command and Leader magazines

“A Ghost in the Mist” accepted for publication by Buckmasters

“Okatuppa Persistence Buck” published by Alabama Game  & Fish 

“The Grunt That Worked” published in 75th anniversary issue of Fur-Fish-Game  “Stalking in Spirit Land” requested by Wyoming Wildlife and Gray’s Sporting Journal “Phantastic Pheasants” published by True Dakotan

“Florida Gunner in King Grouse’s Court” accepted for publication by Michigan Hunting    and Fishing

“Last F-4 Phantom Mission Over Saigon” cover and lead story published by Aviation         History magazine and on the internet at TheHistoryNet.com,

“SS Mayaguez: The Last Battle of Vietnam” published by Flight Journal (twice), and Vietnam magazine

“A Fighter Pilot’s Sunset” published by Daedalus Flyer  and MWSA Anthology

“Homesick Angel” published on the internet at fighterpilots.net and by Pottersville Press “Cold Molding in the Hot Dixie Sun,” and “Tail Chasing in Apalachicola” published by           Gulf Coast Boating & Fishing and Emerald Coast Magazines 

“Three Marine MIAs–Fate Unknown,” assigned investigative feature, published by VFW.

“Blue Water Therapy” published by Tallahassee/Emerald Coast

“The Forgotten Coast” published May 2013 by Southern Journal

On assignment by Flight Journal magazine for a feature on the AC-130 Spectre Gunship.


FIREHAMMER is a historical fiction novel, based on a true story, published by Red Engine Press and available on Amazon. A young F-4 fighter pilot avenges the death of his high school best friend, a Marine, in the last battle of the Vietnam War.

 Editor: Created F-15 “Eagle” student courseware.  Wrote lengthy government contract requirements. Edited novels and non-fiction works published or placed with agents.

 Commercial photography: Photographs for feature articles and novel above. Greeting card published by Photo Images.  Product photos assigned and published by Reddteam Inc.  Weddings and special events.

 Additional:  Retired Air Force colonel and fighter pilot. After 9-11-01, Served as Air Combat Command Program Manager for the F-15, F-16 and F-22 aircraft.

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